WALT to read between the lines and make inferences while we read

Authors of comics usually try to make the reader infer what may have happened to make the comic funny or more interesting. Usually the creators of comic strips will make you infer certain popular events, people, or phrases in their comics. Look at the sample comic below. Can you infer what happened? Support your inference with evidence.

Nicholas Hawver

Example of a response for Sample Comic:

I can infer that Heathcliff ate the boy's homework and that the boy is saying his homework is gassy because Heathcliff ate it and shouldn't have. Did you ever hear that popular phrase, "my dog ate my homework?" In this comic a cat ate the boys homework instead and the boy still tries to hand it into the teacher. I think the author is making fun of the popular phrase, "my dog ate my homework" to entertain readers and make them laugh. I used the picture clues, the text clues, and my own knowledge in order to come to a conclusion about this comic strip.gdhrg

Try to make some inferences about the comics below and explain why you inferred what may be happening or what the author's purpose was in creating the comic. Simply add your inferences below the comic by clicking edit. Make sure to include your name! Respond to at least one comic.
Comic 1

Inference:he wants to leave Florida. He wants to go somewhere colder so he won't melt.
Explanation(Text Evidence):I'very got to get a new travel agent.


Comic 2
Inference:the hamster is afraid of water. He also is missing and he wants to go back.
Explanation(Text Evidence)we should go back you're missing school.

Comic 3
I can infer that the baby is afraid of the bananna because he doesn't know how to walk. The baby is afraid he will slip and fall on the bannana when he tries to walk. In the picture, the baby just sits next to a bananna peel and looks around. He also says "Sorry, but I don't know how to walk!"


Comic 4
I can infer that the boy has got an idea or figured out something. The clues include the boy
body language and posture. The parents also say "Look! He's been struck by enlightening."
mariah ulrich
Comic 5

Inference:the blonde girl is being mean to Charlie Brown. He stopped by and the made him go away and the said he never smiles. Maybe because they are always mean to him and he just don't.
Explanation (Text Evidence)"go home Charlie Brown nobody invited you go home you never see him smile.